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Education & Certification

CompanyProduct Name/Website Features & Description
Online Learning CenterDesigned to elevate the level of expertise and professionalism of all members of the advertising specialty industry.
Participating in ASI’s Certification Program gives ASI members a user-friendly and hassle-free way to be competitive in their businesses.
All live and online ASI courses are tracked automatically via this proprietary digital campus, so you can easily access your transcript and remaining course requirements.
This Online Learning Center is the most convenient way for industry members to get educated. Login now to start earning your BASI and MASI certifications.
ASI Certification ProgramThe BASI curriculum will arm you with the fundamental knowledge you need to profitably navigate the promotional products marketplace.
The MASI certification recognizes you as a true industry expert, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, knowledge and experience.
E-LearningFind the resources you need to achieve excellence through professional development.
CertificationBuilding on the existing PPAI certification designations: Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) programs,
PPAI‘s Professional Development Department is excited to introduce two new industry designations: the introductory Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS)
certificate program, is designed for those early in their careers, and the advanced Master Advertising Specialist Plus (MAS+) certification program, is for experienced
industry veterans. The PPAI certification program is an all-inclusive industry-wide program and does not require membership. Associated certification costs for both
members and nonmembers are the lowest in the industry. The Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) and Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) are the promotional products
industry's professional designations. Individuals with MAS/CAS Certification are seen as industry leaders—those who have attained a higher standard of professionalism,
knowledge and experience. MAS/CAS certification is acquired through a combination of: active employment in the industry, education, industry contributions and the
successful demonstration of expertise. Certification is maintained through continuing education to ensure current knowledge and leading-edge professional skills.
Learn & SupportWebinars, How-To-Videos, 1-On-1 Training, Lunch and Learns, SAGE on the Road, FAQs, Knowledge Base Articles, and SAGE Support are areas
where you can get the information and assistance you need.