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Usage Guidelines

Below are Best Practices and Guidelines for using PromoWiki. These are supported by the PPAI Technology Committee.

Contributors. In order to submit content to be added to PromoWiki, a contributor must be a current member on the PPAI Technology Committee.

Pricing. Information about pricing for promotional products is strictly prohibited.

Promotion. Do not use PromoWiKi to promote yourself, your website, or your organization.

Participation. The survival and growth of PromoWiKi requires participation. If you spot an error, let the PromoWiki administrator know about it.

Details. PromoWiKi is not aimed at experts; therefore, the level of technical detail must be balanced against the ability of non-experts to understand those details.

Conflict of Interest. Think twice before writing about your mentors, colleagues, competitors, inventions, or projects. Doing so places you in a conflict of interest and inclines you towards unintentional bias.

Be Factual. All content in PromoWiKi should be impartial in tone and content. When writing, do state facts and facts about notable opinions, but do not offer your opinion as fact. When writing about complex issues, try to cover all significant viewpoints and afford each with due weight, but not equal weight.

Be Direct. Avoid obscure terms and dumb-down language. Be plain, direct, simple, and specific. Avoid platitudes and generalities.

Be Concise. Be as concise as possible. Wordiness is not a reliable defense against misinterpretation. Omit needless words. Direct, concise writing may be clearer than rambling examples. Footnotes and links to other pages may be used for further clarification.

Avoid Over Linking. Links to policies, guidelines, essays, and articles should be used only when clarification or context is needed. Links to other advice pages may inadvertently or intentionally defer authority to them. Make it clear when links defer, and when they do not.

Be Respectful. PromoWiKi is not a soapbox on which to expound personal theories or a battleground to debate controversial issues. Treat collaborators with a respectful and civil manner, even in disagreement.

Verify. To maintain the highest standards possible, PromoWiKi demands verifiability. This is best established by attributing each statement in PromoWiKi to a reliable, published source.